BOOK spoonflower by gina sekelsky studio The Spoonflower Handbook is finally here!  Do you know Spoonflower yet?  I've been printing my own fabric there for the last five years. (It's heaven to get to print exactly what you want, in the colors you want, and the quantity you want. If I'd known when I was a little kid, doodling everything in sight, that someday this would be not only possible, but affordable, it would have blown my mind.) Come to think of it, it still blows my mind. And the new handbook just reinvigorated my interest in designing fabric.  Placemats! Table runners! Dish cloths! I've been thinking ahead to all my high school girlfriends turning 50 over the next year and trying to come up with a one-size-fits-all gift to celebrate. (Something charming. And useful. And very Gina.) After reading the handbook cover to cover on the train back from Chicago, I am bursting with ideas. When the book was originally announced, co-author Becka Rahn asked me to contribute a tutorial for making handwritten wall decals.  Unfortunately, between the time the book got started and the time it was published, Spoonflower eliminated their wall decals (although you can now purchase wallpaper by the foot), so my project wasn't included in the book (though you can still get a peek at my work on pages 67 & 73!). spoonflower tutorial by gina sekelsky studio Here's my tutorial for making your own handwritten wallpaper decals.  I made a recipe, a kitchen conversion chart, and a list of our favorite snacks to fit inside our kitchen cabinets. congrats set by lettergirl on etsy 02 New in the shop!  Keeping my Sympathy and Thank You Sets company is my new Congratulations Set: four cards with handwritten messages about courage and staying true to yourself. congrats set by lettergirl on etsy 01 Free shipping on this set during the month of October!  
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