The desire to feather my nest, hunker down, and sew like mad blindsided me this fall.  Maybe it's the weather that distracted me; it's so gorgeous in Minnesota that I'm still wearing sandals (in October!). But all the same, I got the mojo to stitch-stitch-stitch once I started clearing out my closet for the season. (I like to ask myself, When you wear this, are you really being who you want to be? If I can't answer an emphatic Yes, it goes straight to the donate box. Even if I answered Yes last year.) Introducing a few new pieces, all of them upcycled from thrift store finds: black tee by gina sekelsky studio 01 black tee by gina sekelsky studio 02 This one's a Goodwill upcycle: a man's XL t-shirt, cut down to fit me, with some reverse appliqué embellishment on the front. My new go-to? vest by gina sekelsky studio 01 vest by gina sekelsky studio 02 vest by gina sekelsky studio 03 vest by gina sekelsky studio 04 Two XL tees, cut into a vest.  I'm making it for my daughter, who knows how to rock a fitted vest. It doesn't fit mom-size Purnah (my dress form) obviously, but you get the idea: reverse appliqué covering the back and sneaking over the shoulders for a peek on the front.  We haven't decided what to do with the little grey circles yet. Embroidery? Beads? Leave them be? My favorite shirt of the summer was one I posted on Instagram and here on the blog. So when I found a similar shirt at Goodwill, I had to try it again.  The fabric stretches just a little differently and I made it just a wee bit smaller. Here's the Before: upcycled tee by gina sekelsky studio 01 And the After: upcycled tee by gina sekelsky studio 02 Last up is a skirt I've just barely started (but which has already been named The Alphabet Skirt): alphabet skirt by gina sekelsky studio 01 This is the right front panel, handpainted with metallic blue on navy cotton knit. (Yes, you can transform a couple of 2XL tees from Goodwill into a skirt you want to wear everyday.) I sketched the pattern out first at not-quite-actual-size. Together, the four panels of the skirt will have all the letters of the English alphabet, numbers 1-9, and an assortment of punctuation and special characters. I'm pretty sure the motivation for this design comes from all the writing I've done over the last few months preparing for my first font release. Date on that is still TBD, but we're making progress. Stay tuned!
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4 Responses to This week in the studio: stitching (and more stitching!).

  1. sharon stanley says:

    oh my goodness that skirt is stunning already….can’t wait to see once you are done!

  2. Martha says:

    Beautiful work, Gina. I wish we were sitting and sewing in Florsnce again!

  3. Simply gorgeous, Gina! I just love your alphabet skirt. I can’t imagine how many hours your have spent cutting and stitching so far! I love the wonderful question you are asking yourself as you tidy up your closet. ♡

  4. Carol Jones says:

    Your stitching projects are stunning. Where do you find the time? Do you ever sleep?

    P.S. I can hardly wait until the launch of your font!


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