retreat morning by gina sekelsky studio Today is Tuesday and that means Retreat Morning for me.  Each week I set aside an hour or two to focus on just one topic.  I think of the theme in advance and only bring those materials that I'll need so I won't be distracted.  (I am so easily distracted!)  The patterned notebook at the bottom of the stack is what I'm using for all of my retreat notes this year.  The green journal in the middle is one that I started a few years back, lost track of, and wanted to revisit.  The orange journal on top is my personal journal -- I'm trying to take a few minutes at some of my retreat mornings to connect with my journal (and my One Little Word). february quote by gina sekelsky studio I am loving the new size of Quote of the Month this year!  For three years, I did all the quotes in a 4x6 size.  This year's series will vary -- January was 5x5, February is 5x7, I'm thinking tiny is on the way for March. life changing magic Yesterday I met with some amazing women for our annual business meeting.  Hosted by Amy at Spirit Out! and Heather at Learn+Explore+Share, we each reviewed our previous year and all the hats we wear as solo entrepreneurs -- from CEO to secretary.  One of the (many) fringe benefits of this type of gathering is all the little ideas that jump out at you, all the hastily scribbled notes in the margins.  Heather recommended The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I can't wait to get a copy.  I also glanced at the notes I wrote after last year's meeting and was pleased to see that my main goal (re-purposing my lettering) had become second nature to me by the end of the year (so much so that I had forgotten it was a goal in the first place).  I wonder where this year's ideas will take me?
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  1. gina, you and i think so much alike..! i have the cute little printed journal – or at least that same pattern! i recently discovered planners…midoris to be exact…so much fun…a handstitched/made cover for 3 cute little journal inserts…one for notes, one for doodles, one for everything else. i’m having a great time decorating them…then i’ll use them….maybe! lol. google them…it’s a whole subculture i didn’t know about, but anyone who loves paper would “get.” like you!

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