quote stickers by lettergirl on etsy I've got two new batches of stickers in the shop: First up, quotation stickers. Teeny little works of art to adorn your snail mail, art journal...maybe even your lunch bag or backpack? planner stickers by lettergirl on etsyAnd these sweet planner stickers are available as a set or an instant download. I love using something everyday that reminds me I'm still the same girl who colored her notebooks in high school and decorated her door in college. (Although I think my handwriting is just a smidge better than it was back then.) BOOK syllabus by gina sekelsky studio Inspiring me this week is Syllabus by Lynda Barry. Maybe it's because my daughter is exploring colleges for next year, maybe it's because I've been dwelling on my own Act Two, but this book has really hit the spot. Barry collected her creative course notes for classes such as "Unthinkable Mind" and "What It Is" and "Write What You See" and published them in an old school composition book (the same type of book she uses in her classes). Lots of exercises and questions and creative ideas. "Daily practice with images both written and drawn is rare once we have lost our baby teeth and begin to think of ourselves as good at some things and bad at other things." What do I think I am bad at? She writes about learning as a teacher, and I constantly find myself asking, "How did that assignment turn out? What did you learn from it? What did the students learn? What can I learn?" All this with artwork that isn't exactly my aesthetic. (I thought that would be distracting. It isn't.) I want to start at the beginning, pretend I'm in college, and do everything she suggests.
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One Response to This week: new stickers in the shop (and an inspiring book!)

  1. amelia says:

    Syllabus is so fascinating. and her other books too. just so intricate and insightful, in every little corner.
    I get what you say about the kind of off aesthetic–Barry’s style is not mine either, but that doesn’t get in the way at all. which perhaps shouldn’t surprise me so much.

    oh it would be neat to take a class from Lynda Barry, wouldn’t it?

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