BOOK station eleven by gina sekelsky studio Once I've wrapped up my Summer Reading Program each year, I forget all about sharing what's on my nightstand with you. I've had a lot of non-starters this fall. But shortly before Thanksgiving, I picked up Station Eleven and I couldn't put it down. (It helped that I took most of the weekend off and could blissfully lie around reading. Mmmmm.) I was grateful the author added "recommended reading" at the end of the book, including a couple of titles which I was strongly reminded of while reading this one (Stephen King's The Stand most of all).  Reading Station Eleven while celebrating Thanksgiving was perfect timing: I couldn't help thinking of every single thing I normally take for granted as a blessing. Read it. BOOK lost for words by gina sekelsky studio Of course, it's always tough to follow up a book that really resonates with you. I've had Lost for Words on my list for awhile, because the cover is so awesome and because I read that St. Aubyn writes satire in the vein of David Lodge, one of my favorite authors post-college. Lost for Words is a send-up of literary awards (thus the cheeky gold "a novel" on the cover). It's amusing, if not compelling. But it's also short, which is a good thing for me this time of year! BOOK staying sharp by gina sekelsky studio I really want to finish Staying Sharp, but had to return it to the library when I was only a quarter of the way into it. (I just couldn't get into it at 10pm during my busy season, when the only time I have for reading is the five minutes before I pass out at the end of the day.) Unfortunately, they're a bit long-winded telling you what the book is going to be about (and why these authors are uniquely qualified to write it, check). As my 14-year-old says, "Enough with the kissing! Get to the fighting!" I loved how David Brooks began The Road to Character by saying "you'll find my ten tips in the last chapter so if you're in a hurry, start there" (which is what I did, and which is what made me go back and start the book again from the beginning). I will get back to Staying Sharp, since just the bit I did read gave me some pithy tidbits to share at holiday parties this year. BOOK party dress by gina sekelsky studio (This is why I don't make my living drawing portraits.) I can't believe I overlooked The Party Dress Book when it came out in 2010. Thank you to Alabama Chanin for showcasing a Mary Adams-inspired skirt on their blog a few weeks back. Lovely eye candy and inspiration for the new year. I'm also working my way through the reading lists from the 2015 Summer Reading Program. But winter calls for a different kind of book (at least for me), so what's on your list?
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2 Responses to This week: on my nightstand.

  1. Samantha says:

    This week i am reading the ‘talented mr. Ripley’ series. Very strange! I only read it at night when i am in my infant son’s room to get him back to sleep, and lately its been more of a challenge to stay awake during those visits, but i like them. I am in book three right now.

  2. Allypally says:

    Station Eleven is on my nightstand too!! I might have to pick it up…

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