circles 02 by gina sekelsky studio It was warm enough a couple of weeks ago that I wore my favorite summer skirt to the studio with leggings.  (No leggings for me in the winter with my mile walk into work each day!)  Which made me want another favorite summer skirt, this time in black with charcoal circles. Lots and lots of circles. circles 03 by gina sekelsky studio This skirt is two layers of black knit (actually two old t-shirts I picked up at a thrift store for $1.99 apiece).  I plan to cut around the outside of the circles this time instead of inside (as I would do for reverse appliqué).  Did I mention there are a lot of circles? cold by gina sekelsky studio For my valentine: I posted this little love note on Instagram.  A lot of little things fell through the cracks during the first two weeks in February as I started each day at about 75% capacity.  Never quite bad enough to stay in bed, but foggier than I'd like to be.  (And really all my fault, as I woke up on February first thinking, "I made it to February without getting a cold!" -- when it seemed that everyone around me was down for the count in December.) So grateful to be on the mend! dear life Keeping me company while I had my cold was Dear Life by Alice Munro.  I'm one of those people who doesn't read short stories all that often.  I blame it on being a slow reader and that I need to crawl into bed each night with a story I'm already invested in.  So I was surprised how much I'm enjoying this book: the stories are accessible, but startling at the same time.  I think just about every one has had a sentence that jumped off the page at me: Yes! That's so true! I get it!  And isn't that what we want? To find our kindred spirits?  
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