Last week I had the pleasure of teaching two sessions of Handwritten, a collaboration with Wendy Brown of Brown Ink and Christine Hoffman of Foxglove Market + Studio.  I love-love-love hanging out in Christine's store, she has that eye for creative detail that I admire so much.  (I only have it for things about 12" and smaller, but Christine has the large scale, fill-up-a-store version.  Jealous!) handwritten workshop by gina sekelsky studio Last week I also announced my next Stitching Bee here at the studio.  I taught a couple of private classes earlier in the year and each time I enjoyed it so much that a little nugget got stashed in my brain: I want to do this again!  I'm offering two 90-minute sessions in mid-April with all the basics you need to learn in order to start a bigger project. (Like a skirt! Or a hat!)  Register & get more details here. stitching bee by gina sekelsky studio 100 In my last post I mentioned the updated Love Your Letters Workshops I've been diligently working on.  The first one, my basic handwriting improvement course, is nearly done.  It's PDF-based so you can download the content and work at your own pace.  Here's a sneak peek: handwriting tips by gina sekelsky studio Both the basic course and the challenge course should be ready by mid-April.  Stay tuned! To subscribe to my blog, just leave a comment on any post & follow the instructions.  Thank you for keeping me company!
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2 Responses to This week: three classes!

  1. maria says:

    I am going through your book and loving it! You are so very talented! And you inspire!

  2. Holly says:

    I love your style and cannot wait for your online courses!

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