BOOK world by gina sekelsky studioI had high hopes for posting about my vacation reads while I was actually on vacation....  But apparently I was too busy sleeping in and eating peaches and well, reading.  We spend a week on the shore of Lake Superior every summer, taking over almost an entire resort with Pete's extended family.  Usually, I read three or four books while I'm there and to that end, bring along six or eight.  This year was full of non-starters! Last spring I heard an interview on public radio with Matthew Crawford, author of The World Beyond Your Head.  His new book takes a deeper look at our ever-shortening attention spans, suggesting that we may blame modern circumstances but that the pattern can actually be traced back to the Enlightenment.  I was especially interested to find out how I can focus my own attention and flourish as an individual. Alas, I couldn't make it past the third chapter.  I thought this would make a good vacation read for the very reason he wrote the book: the silence, the ability to focus, the lack of distraction while on vacation.  But this is heady stuff.  And my mind wandered...a lot.  I think articles about the book (like this one) may be more my speed for now. BOOK hedgehog by gina sekelsky studioHere's another book I didn't get to!  Have you read The Elegance of the Hedgehog?  Is it quirky or pretentious? Should I keep it on my list? BOOK mockingbird by gina sekelsky studio Our family read is To Kill a Mockingbird.  (Over 12,000,000 copies 1982!)  We started it a few weeks ago on our way to a wedding, and I'd hoped we could get a little farther this trip.  But the kids were so busy (having fun) with their cousins that our only time together was in the car on the way home.  My son loved this book in school and somehow my daughter never "had to" read it, so we'll get there. Someday. Other false starts:  I'll Drink to That (which I may get back to, just wasn't in the mood to read about anyone's sense of entitlement, no matter how self-depracating) and The Nightingale (couldn't sympathize with the characters, and it seemed like a long book to slog through if I wasn't feeling it...maybe I just need to be in a different place, literally and figuratively). So after all that, I did finally sink into two books, not finishing either one by the time we came home.  (Grrrrr.)  Both were books I was "saving" for vacation, as I mentioned earlier in the summer.  A God in Ruins by my probably-favorite modern writer, Kate Atkinson.  I'm not feeling compelled to hurry through, both because I want to savor her writing and because it's a bit grim.  (Okay, more than a bit.)  I sure hope her writing isn't the only thing redeeming about it!  And Better Than Before, which I didn't want to start until I had a habit or two I could focus on while reading. And I always think about habits while I'm on vacation. (And cooking.) The next part of the Summer Reading Program starts this weekend!  My favorite part is the list of books that everyone has read.  You may be surprised what makes it onto my own list (wink, wink).
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