planner by gina sekelsky studio Yesterday I had one of those amazingly productive days where I know without a doubt that I'm doing the right thing.  A few weeks ago I decided to start listening to all the folks who've asked me to make a planner and yesterday I jumped into the creative part of the process (after two weeks of planning my planner).  I can hardly wait to share it with you!  (Also, I usually drink herbal tea, so that cup of oolong I had in the morning may have contributed to the zing I felt all day.) j+f halloween Just look at those little cuties!  This is a page from our family scrapbook from at least eight years ago.  (I'm getting a little sniffly.)  I wanted to share it with you, and the story of our Halloween pajamas, because I'm working on a graphic for Studio Yearbook Two about fun family traditions.  What are yours?  Something special for the last day of school?  Birthdays? I've gotten responses on Facebook and Instagram and now it's your turn.  I hope you'll share in the comments or email me so I can include your family's neat tradition on the mini-poster I'm making! BOOK savor sn by gina sekelsky studio My book pick of the week is Savor by Shauna Niequist.  I'm not sure where to start with telling you about it, because faith is a bigger piece of the pie for her than it is for me.  I think Shauna's honesty and vulnerability and authenticity make this daily devotional a boost for the spirit, regardless of your faith.  (I'm not sure she would agree with that, since there's a scripture verse to start each day.) In the introduction, she tells us she wrote the book to get out of her own head, "to get right down into the raw soil" of her life, to savor her family, community, and this gorgeous world we live in.  She writes each day's passage with insight and familiarity: she's been there, she's felt that. Shauna gets right to the heart of the matter, with just a few sentences, and gives you a question or two to keep pondering.  (And I do love pondering!)
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