i {heart} reading draft by gina sekelsky studioThis week is all about generating creative ideas—which is probably my very favorite type of work.  I'm making a bonus worksheet for everyone who's participating in the Love Your Letters Workshop (delivered via newsletter in the next day or two); the June, July, and August quotations for my Quote of the Month Club (because I know summer, and I know me, and I have to get ahead of the game); and this year's prize for the Summer Reading Program: a mini-poster all about why we love books & reading.  I can't wait to share the details with you next week when I introduce this year's program. (Hint: it's free! And everyone gets a prize!) In the meantime, I'd love your help with the poster:  What do you love about reading? Do you have a favorite book, author, or genre?  Where do you like to read? How about a favorite quote from a book (I have quite a few of those myself)?  Share your thoughts in the comments and then come back next week to see how the poster turns out! And just in case you're wondering about the photo above, yes, I did repurpose an old address book as a sketchbook. That's what happens when you have an idea at 6:30am and all your sketchbooks are a mile away at your studio.  
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3 Responses to This week: what do you love about reading?

  1. maria says:

    I love reading because not only does it impart lots of information but it generates lots of inspiration too! the other thing I love about reading is that it takes me out of the moment and brings me into the word I am reading about and some times that alone is refreshing!

  2. CJ says:

    I love reading because it’s an escape from real life. I’ve just discovered Barbara Kingsolver and I’m really enjoying her books. CJ xx

  3. Morning Dew says:

    My sister and me uses to read so much my Mother instituted a “lights out” time. Of course she found us reading under the covers with a flashlight! We probably giggled to much. I like to read every where, but I still do love to read in bed.

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