sticks&stones by gina sekelsky studio 05Remember the blizzard of 2010?  That's when I first got the idea for this pattern:  seeing the rocks in our garden slowly getting covered by snow and the bare branches of the oak tree in our front yard.  I'm pretty sure it was spring again by the time I finished stitching it. sticks&stones by gina sekelsky studio 04sticks&stones by gina sekelsky studio 02sticks&stones by gina sekelsky studio 03I think this set will be for sale.  I love it so much that it may be hard to let it go...but it needs a better home than I can give it.  And I may just have to put this pattern on something the edge of a pillowcase.
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2 Responses to Trunk Show Sneak Peek.

  1. Deanna says:

    You are so amazingly talented!!! Beautiful!

  2. Annette says:

    Gina, this is gorgeous. I’m looking at the stitching and really impressed with how much work you envisioned and then executed. I have so many projects sitting in “to-do” land, either in project baskets or up in my mind. I am really inspired by seeing your work out in the world!

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