keyhole tank by gina sekelsky studio 01Last winter I was at a social media class taught by my dear friend Rachel Greenhouse, and looking over the photos of myself on facebook I noticed that in the photos from summer 2012 I was almost always wearing the same shirt.  I mean, I knew that I wore it often...but 80% of the time?  That's a lot even for me.  The shirt was my grey keyhole tank (which I continued to wear this past summer, in moderation).   It's hand-appliqued, goes with everything, and gets softer every time I wash it. So when I started planning my trunk show, I knew there were a few items I definitely wanted to make available to my customers, including a keyhole tank. keyhole tank by gina sekelsky studio 02This red one (ruby, to be exact) with my new paisley pattern, is one of the samples available for sale.  (And if it doesn't sell, I'd be more than happy to keep it and have two.)   I've washed it once to give the applique edges that lovely curl.  And if you want it in a different color...or pattern...or size, I'd love to make one just for you.  (And see you wearing it in all your facebook photos.)keyhole tank by gina sekelsky studio 03  
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