studio walkAs much as I can, I walk to the studio -- and this week the weather has been perfect for it.  I walk to clear my head, to get fresh air, to think things through, and now, thanks to a conversation I had on Wednesday, as a form of meditation. You see, I often get great ideas when I'm walking; it's prime creative-juice-flowing time.  But I also wish to turn off my brain for awhile, to tune out, to stay present.  Without knowing the impact her gentle reminder would have, my friend Michelle suggested on Wednesday that walking (and biking) can be a kind of meditation:  instead of thinking-thinking-thinking, feel the wind in your hair and the ground at your feet.  For someone who has wondered about making room for meditation in her daily life, this was a revelation. Certainly, there are times when I am walking and I feel the wind blowing my hair off my neck (and I love that, since I had super short hair for twenty years) or times when I revel in the perfect air temperature.  Now I am finding that if I begin my walk with intention (I wonder what I should do about x) but set that curiosity aside (not think about it actively) while being present to my physical surroundings (air, ground, the beating of my own heart)...well, sometimes the answer is going to be there at the end of the walk anyway. I am glad to write this down, to revisit later when I am busy and have forgotten it all over again.  Or maybe it will become intuitive and I'll wonder that there was ever a time when I spent my walks deep in concentration.  Or most likely, both: times to walk and think, times to walk and breathe.
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2 Responses to Walking to the studio.

  1. Michael says:

    Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your renewed inspiration!

  2. CJ says:

    There is a little magic in walking I think. It soothes, it inspires, it invigorates, it calms little people and it solves problems. And a walk in the countryside never fails to improve one’s mood.

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