make the bread buy the butterFirst, I want to thank Deanna for recommending Make the Bread, Buy the Butter.  From the first page, I knew the author was a kindred spirit and I felt like I'd been living under a rock to have not found this on my own.  It was the perfect vacation cookbook -- recipes I'd like to try, yes, but even better: stories, mom angst, specific direction (make this, don't bother with that).  And all written by someone you wished was living right next door (though I don't want to trade the neighbors we do have; they watered for us while we were away & planted a few extra hostas while they were at it "just to fill it in a little").  And there's even a recipe for pancetta.  Homemade pancetta! And now for that rainy day that will come eventually (which will most likely be a snowy January), there's Jennifer's blog as well.  Oh...I had to go there to add the link for you, and now it is 20 minutes later than when I started this post. The Summer Reading Program ends this Saturday!  I may have said the prize is bookmarks, but I have a feeling you're going to love getting the list of what everyone's read this summer even more.  What could be better?  Five handwritten bookmarks and a list of almost 100 books with mini-reviews.  (Just another person or two and that will be over 100 books.)
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3 Responses to Wednesday Book Club.

  1. CJ says:

    The book looks great, thanks for the recommendation. It seems very practical and sensible – not too ambitious, but very inspirational nonetheless.

    • gina says:

      I looked for the Sarah Raven garden/cookbook that you recommended (at least…I think that was you!), but couldn’t find at my library — boo hoo! Make the Bread, Buy the Butter is a great read — it doesn’t have glorious photography, but her witty comments more than make up for it. Plus I really have been wanting to make my own pancetta!

  2. Deanna says:

    I’m so glad you liked the book. I love giving it as a gift. The bagels are a bit of work, but they taste so fresh and wonderful. My family also loves the cornbread recipe. It’s so moist and easy to make.

    By the way, I was beyond excited to receive the bookmarks. The only snail mail I usually get is junk or bills or the like. Getting yours was such a treat. Even the envelope was so cute. Thanks for sharing your talent!

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