Art Journaling 01Working on my Daily Journal Project has prompted me to pick up magazines I haven't looked at in awhile.  Every so often I like to get a copy of Art Journaling -- it is always so colorful that it leads me in new directions. My own journal for this year has a fairly specific focus: simple stories about each day during the year.  It's not cathartic or soul searching or pushing boundaries.  And I'm not interested in spending all my time looking at ways to be inspired to make my journal "better."  But a little infusion of color and style can still be a good thing. Art Journaling 02I have always liked how this magazine combines lots and lots of samples with concrete advice.  And did I mention the color? Art Journaling 03 Now that I am nearly two months into my project, I'm wanting to shake things up just a little bit.  I started the year with a list of ideas for turning up the volume in my journal -- or at least ideas to help me get my mojo back  if I ever felt bored.  And with this magazine in hand, I've added to the list.  (Maybe a self-portrait? Now that would be a challenge for me.) Do you have any favorite sources for art journaling inspiration?  Favorite artists, books, magazines?
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One Response to Wednesday Book Club: Art Journaling.

  1. Kaz says:

    Hi Gina, love reading your blog… could you tell me the artist who did the face and doodled scarf? Kind Regards, Kaz

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