flour tooYum, yum, and yum.  Joanne Chang's first book, flour, was a great read.  (Do you like to read cookbooks?  I do.)  It was the sort of book that makes you feel like you're standing in a friend's kitchen, listening to her explain her favorite recipes.  I haven't made much from it, since, well, the title is flour and we don't use much regular old wheat flour around here. Enter her second book: flour, too, with more savories than sweets.  I spent a blissful Saturday morning reading the entire book cover-to-cover.  I had gotten it from the library, but it needs a place on my cookbook shelf with all those scraps of paper sticking out. My family went crazy (crazy) for the Seared Flank Steak Salad:  thin strips of steak atop a bed of lettuce, roasted potatoes, carmelized onions, tomatoes & avocado slices, dressed with a worcestershire vinaigrette and topped with crumbles of bleu cheese.  I served our favorite gluten free french bread on the side and it was a perfect Tuesday night meal. I'll be away on vacation next week and am sort of wishing I'd saved this book to read while I'm away.  Do you have a favorite cookbook for reading? Or even looking at the pictures?  Let me know today so I still have time to reserve it at the library before I go!  (And remember, cookbooks count for the Summer Reading Program.)
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3 Responses to Wednesday Book Club: Flour, Too

  1. Erin says:

    I love Jamie Oliver’s book, 30 Minute Meals. It’s fantastic, and the photos are drool-worthy…

  2. CJ says:

    Right now I’m loving Sarah Raven’s cookery books. They’re filled with recipes for things that grow in the garden – perfect for this time of year. And there is something delicious about the book – the pictures, the ideas, the joy of fresh homegrown ingredients. Lovely to use and wonderful to browse.

  3. Deanna says:

    Have you read “Make the Bread, Buy the Butter” by Jennifer Reese? It’s really great about time and cost of which foods you should make and which you should buy. Good recipes, plus there’s enjoyable stuff to read for each one. She’s also been a writer and editor.

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