Here Comes the SunHere Comes the Sun is the story of Betsy Lucas' cancer journey, as told by her husband Brian Lucas through Caring Bridge posts, journal entries, and stories from the time when Betsy was diagnosed with leukemia to a very happy ending five years later.  I have been meaning to read this book since it was published last fall, and once I started, I couldn't put it down. When Brian mentions early in the book sending an email to everyone he could find in their address book, I was on that list.  I remember that email.  I designed Betsy and Brian's wedding stationery, and stayed in touch with their family by working creatively with Betsy's mom and sister too.  (I remember clearly when Betsy and her business partner came to meet about some business stationery, the day after a local election that didn't go the way any of us had hoped.  All three of us were dressed head to toe in black.) Told she had three months to live without a bone marrow transplant, Betsy's life was saved by a young man in Germany who had registered on the transplant list.  (You'll have to read the book to see how that process was not as easy as it sounds.)  Brian's hope is that their story will encourage more people to consider bone marrow donation.  Learn more about Be the Match here. One of my favorite things about the book was how Brian accepted the help that was offered to their family, and the way he gave everyone who wanted to help something to do.  We all know what it's like to be close to someone in a crisis and to feel so helpless.  Brian wrote each Caring Bridge post with specific intent: here's what to focus on now, here's what to pray for or put your energy toward.  I loved that combination of spirituality and pragmatism. Incidentally, if you're local to the twin cities, Brian is having a reading and signing at Eat Your Words tomorrow night.  Learn more here.
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