light between oceansI'll tell you a secret:  I never watched Oprah.  Not even at 3am when my kids were babies.  It was kind of my claim to fame for awhile, and then I just never got around to it.  So really, how could I be expected to know that she still has a Book Club?  I guess this book is one she recommended, but I read it because one of you, my faithful blog readers, recommended it.  I guess I would rather know what you're reading than what Oprah's reading (which is why I'm loving the book lists from this year's Summer Reading Program).  Of course, if you both read it, then that's icing on the cake. The Light Between Oceans is a good solid read.  Not my favorite book of the year, but one I couldn't put down either.  What a struggle, when you're rooting for every character, knowing full well that someone's not going to have a happy ending.  I also appreciated the insight into the characters' flaws, because they felt so real, so full of history, and I cheered for them just the same.  I also love a book that takes me somewhere I've never been and/or a time I can never experience (in this case, the coast of Australia in the 1920's). My library reserve list may be maxed out already, but it's still not too late to send me your book lists for the Summer Reading Program!
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One Response to Wednesday Book Club (on Thursday. Again.)

  1. CJ says:

    I’ve never watched Oprah either. I’m looking forward to seeing what other books are recommended by your readers, who I’m sure have impeccable taste.

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