Show-Your-Work-Austin-KleonDid you read Steal Like an Artist?  I heard about it everywhere I went in 2012.  It was short & sweet, had some memorable tidbits, but overall felt like what it was -- a simple book that grew out of an interesting speech.  (What really impressed me was how he took that one talk and made a huge name for himself with it.  Bravo.) I'm a much bigger fan of Austin Kleon's second book, Show Your Work.  In fact, I found myself scribbling notes left and right while reading it.  His ideas aren't earth-shattering, but he makes the obvious more obvious.  You read it and it's like he's sitting across the table from you in a coffee shop and telling you straight:  you've got mojo, now go out and share it! show your work austin kleonPlease add this one to your list of must-read-creative-books.  My guess is that I could read it again next summer and glean something entirely new from it.  (And the investment is pretty minimal; it only takes a few minutes to read a chapter, giving you ample time to dwell.  I'm not the only one around here who likes to dwell, right?) One month to go in the Summer Reading Program!  Have you read your five books yet?  Or at least 2-1/2 so far?  
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One Response to Wednesday Book Club: Show Your Work.

  1. Kate Ostrem says:

    Wow – this sounds like a good one. It’s on the list.

    I’m exactly 2.5 books in to my 5! I need to schedule some time on the backyard couch . . .

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