to the letterFor a few weeks last fall, my reading devolved to the point of only reading reviews of books and not actual books.  To the Letter by Simon Garfield was one of those titles I scribbled for "later"  and how lucky that I found it beaming at me from atop a library shelf a couple of weeks ago.  I have barely started it (still finishing something else), but can see that I will be hooked (i.e., will need my own copy).  It's brimming with anecdotes and excerpts and even an abridged mid-century corrrespondence between two people I had never heard of, but just know I will remember long after closing the cover on this book.  (And in looking up who these two people were, I found this little tidbit about Benedict Cumberbatch.  Seriously.) Also, cleaning through some files recently (it's January, after all), I found a letter written to me by one of my brothers over 20 years ago.  Very chatty.  And lovely.  A pang that it was really only 20 years ago that we all used to write letters instead of emails.  (Mer, are you reading this?)  Add this book, and the lack of personal mail now that the holidays are over, and the quotes I'm gathering for the Quote of the Month Club, and I just may have to get out my postage stamps.  (I do have lots of stamps.)   But first, a little reading.
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One Response to Wednesday Book Club: To the Letter.

  1. Mer says:

    This book looks wonderful! I’m so glad you mentioned it, as I’d not heard of it before. (I’ve put it on hold at the local library. Perhaps your other readers are in line ahead of me.)

    I just finished browsing “The Postcard Age” by Klitch, which starts with this: “In the decades around 1900, postcards were Twitter, email, Flickr, and Facebook all wrapped into one.” So now I’m exploring postcards, too. And sorting through my stamps…

    Thanks again for blogging about this book!

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