june books by lettergirl After our discussion last week, I briefly considered reading only non-fiction this summer (because I have so many on my list: When Breath Becomes Air, Ta-Nehisi Coates' Between the World and Me, Grit by Angela Duckworth of this TED Talk, to name a few). Of course, I had that idea after I'd already started Wives & Daughters, and it's slow going—it may even take me the rest of the summer to finish, but I'm sticking with it. (I love how Elizabeth Gaskell wrote over 150 years ago and yet she writes things that are just as applicable in our modern world. Like this quote from North and South.) On our family road trips this summer, we're going back to our favorite family read alouds before Miss Juliet heads off to college in the fall. First up is the Mysterious Benedict Society. (Personally, I'm most looking forward to rereading some Edward Eager.) Forest and I are still reading together (can you see the smile on my face?) and we've started the Newbery Honor book, Heart of a Samurai. I think I'm enjoying it more than he is. We've read books intended for an older audience as well as a younger audience, so I don't think that's the issue. Twice we've gotten at least 3/4 of the way through a book and then mutually decided not to finish. Learning at an early age that it's a-ok to move on! Thanks to your suggestions last week, I discovered David Nicholls' One Day and I took a weekend break from my Gaskell to speed through it. (It's that kind of book.) Where was I when this book was all the rage? I've been asking myself that more and more lately, realizing that the toll of running a business and having school-age kids make for a pretty good excuse. (And did I mention my 110-year old house?) Ah, so that's where I was. And my stack is rounded out with a couple of visual treats: Well-Read Women by Samantha Hahn (whom I discovered via this interview) and Katie Daisy's How to Be a Wildflower. I picked up Wildflower at the library, since I've seen so much of Katie's instantly recognizable style online. What a delight it was! Such a lovely combination of things to do/things to make/things to ponder. What's on your nightstand this month?
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